Southampton University Mountain Bike Club

Meet the SUMBC Committee for 2013

The committee are the team responsible for organising the club. They are elected at the annual AGM by the club members. Their role is to lead rides, organise trips, go to races, organise sponsorship and go to the pub. You can see the up and coming events on the frontpage.

This years committee is made up for the following friendly faces.



Chris Keeble-Smith

Mega-Chris moves up in the ranks for this year, going from DH Captain last year to President this one. Officially now the raddest guy in the club (he actually has sponsors), hopefully he'll find time to help run things around here.



James Burrows

James Burrows takes over from Rowan with the numbers, although he's not a proper student as he still lives with his mummy, he's still a good guy to have in the club. Plenty of enthusiasm, although his injuries seem to indicate it's not always backed up with the skills to match!



Tomos Bentley

Making his triumphant return to the club after a year working at amusingly enough Bentley, Bentley gets to have fun doing all the paperwork. A keen XCer from Wales, he showed hints of getting interested in the downhill side of things before he left us a couple of years ago. He's got his work cut out to replace Chris Tyson's sublime performance in previous years!


XC Captain

Steve Burnett

Steve's our new pedalist Captain. In charge of things that require effort, and a big fan of bike designs that have stupid rear shocks, Steve should be more than qualified to lead the XC contigent this year to XC race greatness.


DH Captain

Pascal Lally

A new recruit to the committee for this year, Pascal is now running the Gravity-fed department of the club. Being yet another rider with an Iron Horse Sunday, he does also have an XC bike which he pedals about the place. Thankfully, he seems keen to get people to DH races and trips, and besides from competency, what else can you ask for?


Social Sec

Greg Borstnar

Greg is from Portoroz in Slovenia, and is a second year PhD student. He's got a wide range of other interests including sailing, windsurfing, and volleyball. All this makes him practically exotic compared to the rest of us! Just don't ask him about how to set up a front brake! He's in charge of socials this time round, having previously been XC Captain. Any smart ideas for get-togethers, let him know!



Matt Oliver

Yours truly, and known to the club as Wizard. I've been in the club for a few too many years now, and was also the webmaster for the last two years. I'm a downhill rider, although I do have the bikes to ride other disciplines, they tend to be far too much effort for not enough speed from my point of view! Perhaps I'll actually try and pedal somewhere this year...